50 Cent I Run NY song lyrics

Feat Tony Yayo
50 Cent I Run NY song lyrics
Oh! Please don't play with the animal

(Tony Yayo)
The walls have ears lil' nigga, I run New York
Even when I ain't there lil' nigga, I run New York
I said the walls have ears lil' nigga, I hear when you talk
Let's get this shit clear lil' nigga, I run New York
(Here we go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I wake up, stare at the ceilin, I'm alive, what a beautiful feelin
I put my vest on, right after I put on my draws
It's a habit I'm always prepared for war
See my life's like some shit you seen in a flick
Bitches act like porn stars when they sit on the dick
When I was gettin out the game I said one more flick
Test my aim in the range I'm like one more clip
It's my brain I'm insane I be on some shit
Man I run Interscope, Jada's tryin to annoy me
He's nothin but another disgruntled employee
Been in the game ten years, and he still ain't rich
Even his momma upset that he still ain't shit
But he keep runnin his yap like I'm a take all that
One more word out his mouth I'll push Styles shit back
See the nozzle on my trey pound is three inches long
And the kick on the four four's is extremely strong
With a lil' trey deuce it's like pop, pop
Chase his ass up the block till his bitch ass drop
And them verses he be kickin, none of 'em hot
Cause he ain't got none of that shit he sayin he got
And he ain't did none of that shit he sayin he did
And I ain't got, time to be talkin bout this shit, fuckin faggot!!!!

I gets busy lil' nigga, I run New York
Yeah I live in C.T. lil' nigga, but I run New York
I don't go to parties lil' nigga, but I run New York
And I stay gettin cheese lil' nigga, cause I run New York
Yayo tell 'em I run New York

My money longer than yours, nigga call your recruits
The LOX made more money, in them damn shiny suits
The game about sales, drugs and rappin
Jada fuck your punch lines, my shirt went platinum
Styles and Sheek Louch, went double plastic
Yayo, Buck and Banks is puttin out classics
A hundred shots a hundred clips y'all ready to die
Fat Joe ain't a gangsta he scared to fly
Automatic Mossberg who want a piece of this pump
I'll have Ja Rule buried, in some high heel pumps
Vest up in the bulletproof man fuck that
Homie shoot up my whip all you leave is a scratch
Yo I flip cocaine in your project lobby
And beat you with my pistol like Kane did Chauncey
It's T.O.N.Y. Y.A.Y.O
My whole click got dough my hoes on the fly home
G4's, we fly on leers
And my rocks lookin like, flashlights in my ears nigga

When I'm in D.C. lil' nigga, I tell 'em, I run New York
When I'm out in Philly lil' homie, I run New York
When I'm in V.A. I tell niggas guess what I run New York
When I'm in N.C. niggas holla at me cause I run New York
Yayo tell 'em I run New York

Yo who the fuck told this lil' nigga he can talk to me like that?!!
If I catch him I'll bawl him up and roll him somewhere, ha ha ha ha!!!!
Dee! Waah! wanna talk to me?! wanna tell me what's goin on?
You want me to service him for real cause I'll service him! I'll murder!!!!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Hey! Hey get Puffy on the phone!!!!
Tell him I said, tell that nigga Puffy I said get out the mirror for a second let me talk to him
Puffy own the nigga motherfuckin publishing!!!!
Tell him I wanna buy the nigga Jadakiss publishing! nigga still ain't recoup!!!
Awww nigga you in the red, you owe money nigga!!!
Awww man!!!! Now why you made me put your business in the streets!
Now niggas know you ain't shit!!!! Damn!
I see your monkey ass in the paper, cause you ain't returned them jewels you borrowed
You better give them back! you dirty nigga
Ain't none of that shit you be wearin yours!
Ha ha ha!!! We could've kept it a secret nigga
These niggas I'm supossed to beef with!?
Awww man!!!! This fight is fixed, you've been set up!
Ha ha ha!!! That's what he 'gon say they set me up man
I ain't know the nigga was gonna do that
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!