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على بالي اكتب غنية على بالي على بالي
on my mind writing a song, on my mind 
بحكي ع اللي صاير فيي وشو غير احوالي
I talk about what happened to her, and what's my news
بحكي اللي مخبى بعنيي كيف ضاعت منا الحنية
I talk about what hidden in her eyes, how did love left her
حتى القلب اللي كاين طيب كيف ضايع من حالي
also the heart that was kind, how I'm lost from my self
برجع فينا الماضي شوية على بالي على بالي
the time is going to the past a little bit, on my mind
اعرف شو اللي اتغير فيي وقساني على الغالي
you should know what has changed in her, and how could I be stringy with my dear
بعرف ماعتبان عليي عتبو على اللي كاين فيي
I know, he doesn't have a problem with her, his problem is who was inside her
مش هيدا اللي قلبو حبو ولا خصو بحالي
it's not the heart that he loved, and it I don't have a problem with me
لو فيي امسحلو الدمعة اللي زرعتهاا على خدو
oh I wish I could remove the tears that I grew on his face
ضويلو بهالعتمة شمعة ورجع كل شي بدو
to light a candle in the darkness, and give him what ever he wants 
يرجع كل شي متل الأول على بالي على بالي
to be everything as before, on my mind
مابعرف شو مخبى بكرة وشو اخر لحكاية
I don't know what's the hidden tomorrow and what's the end of the story
ياخوفي يبقالي ذكرى بالايام الجاية
oh i'm scared to stay in next days
مافيي اتصور انو عمري من دونو
i can't imagine life without him
وكأنو عايش هالدنيا ومش عايش لو هيدي النهاية
as i'm living in this world and i'm not living(between living and not living) if the end will be as this