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ADAM Kel wahed song lyrics
ADAM Kel wahed translation
كل واحد عندو سر… كوة منو ومداري .
Everyone has a secret inside him..and he try to hide it
ليه حقيقه ومداريهه عن اقرب الناس لية
He has a reality but He hide it from the closest persons
وانت اقرب حد ليييه
And You are the closest person to him
ياحبيبي لو عليه
Darling,i want to tell you
كنت اقلك بس .خايف
but I'm afraid
ايوة خايف واعمل ايييه
yes, I'm afraid..What can I do?
كل ماكي عشان اصارحك .فجا انا يمنعني سووئ
Every time I go to tell you but my feeling stop me
دة الي انا بنيتو فليالي
That What i has built in many nights
كل ده يتهد فووقي
All that has been destroyed
كل ماتقدمت خطوة بلحضه
Every time i go step forward
برجع خطوتين
in second i go back two steps