Adriane Lenox Magic song lyrics

Adriane Lenox Magic song lyrics
Lost in a daze, confused by these emotions
Should I stay so deeply in his arms?
No man I've known has ever seemed to touch me the way he did
My heart wants to run while the rest of me is curious
Exactly how do you plan to keep me here
Is it your touch, or your kiss, or this single night of pleasure
Or is it magic?
Yes, there was magic
And I deserve magic
I deserve a way out of this life that I'm living
Try and save me,
Try and free me if you can
'Cause all the knights and the kings
and the warriors and the thousand men who claimed to love me
Never could
But I want you to try,
If you succeed I'll give you everything,
All the love locked in my heart,
All that's lost within my soul
It will take something more
Than any modern miracle,
It will take magic, yes, magic
And I deserve magic
Yes I deserve magic
I want magic

Lost in a daze
Tell me what am I still doing here?
I should have vanished,
I should be gone before you wake