Aegis Bonesteel Overflowing Thoughts song lyrics

Aegis Bonesteel Overflowing Thoughts song lyrics
We travelled to Jupiter, and visited all our kin
But it's rather uncomfortable when you can't breathe or see anything
Yes, even the bedbugs are the size of two grown cats.
Nevertheless, regardless, this is definitely where it's at.

We travelled the tightrope to the outskirts of our town
And it's quite romantic when the pavement hits the desert
And all you hear is the sound of a Ky-yote
Howling at the stars and the moon

We took our chances, knowing we'd probably drown.
We found an abandoned hot dog stand
And the hot dogs tasted great
But when we read the ingredients, we found
They were made from human remains.
They were made from human remains.

We stumbled upon some peyote, and ate the buttons like M&M's.
After a while we found ourselves living in another dimension, for a little while.

I cannot forget to mention neglect is not my intent.
We found out death was not the end and that God was only pretend.

We then confronted our demons, and we all made amends.
We swore that we would always be BFF's for eternity
And if we ever needed help they'd be
With us to the very end
They'd help us kill to the very end.

After a kill we always chill at our crib on top of the hill
And smoke some ridiculous chiba.

In celebration of our lives, we drink to our enemy's demise
And remember the eyes of those who've died.

We found the answer to the question, "Why are we here?"
But you're probably not ready to hear it.