Akon Time Is Money song lyrics

Akon Time Is Money song lyrics
This Big Meech from the richest black muthafucking gang in the world
My nigga always say, there's only two things a nigga can do for you
You either got time or money, can't have em both
Nigga with money, ain't got no time
Nigga with time, ain't got no money
We don't have a lot of time around here
- cause time is money
Give me one minute, cause you tripping
Too much time on your hands, you slipping
Why you focused on all this dealing?
When niggas coming in through the back door stealing?
Crib on the hill: now that's good living
Harder to reach when you make your first million
So much money gotta stack to the ceiling
And I'mma keep doing this forever,
Real niggas like me don't catch feelings
Only broke niggas be out there grilling
Say you getting money but you ain't even tipping
A big-booty girl in front of you dipping
Fronting like you really doing all that shipping
Mayne you gotta be, gotta be kidding
Don't even try cause my weapon is hidden
My nigga is ready to do some killing
I'mma tell you just one time: give me what's mine
Cause I don't have time to waste
I'll be on my grind, money on my mind
And I don't stop getting paid
Living this life of mine
I don't know if you really got what it takes
Hustling's in my blood: just won't go away
Time, money, time, money
Nigga with money, don't have no time
Nigga with time, don't have no money
Went live in one year, made millions
Everybody got money: nigga, we chillin
Ain't got no time: it's some bad feelings
Especially when you want a little sexual healing
Girlfriend's pulling, family's pulling
In every direction, everybody need money
My lifestyle redefine how y'all living
If you keep it up I'll be broke in a minute
My kinfolk's on the block and they dealing
All my goons are still out there killing
Man I be running, got no time to be skipping
I'm trying to hit a home run in the 9th inning
My bitch locked up, for a killing
Taking care of mine, San Quen chilling
That's my homie, you can trust that nigga
Just a matter of time before I get back with him
I don't know about you but I'mma ride for mine
Everyday I'm out here trying to grind
If I ain't got a 9 to 5 I'mma still get it
Even if I gotta live a life of crime
Clock's ticking but it's not a bomb
Every minute passed is a dollar sign
no matter how much money you make
None of that shit will really buy you time
I am on the block still hustling crack
If Babylon shoot, we busting back
War on the streets, don't trust the police
In other words: we really don't fuck with cops
Came my way from the bottom of the block
Where the good die young and the crime won't stop
Someway, still make it to the top
Time is money, so now it's back to this Glock