Anne Murray Songs Lyrics

Album: "Anne Murray's Christmas Album" (2008)

Album: "Duets: Friends & Legends" (2008)

Album: "Anne Murray - Glen Campbell" (2007)

Album: "There's a Hippo In My Tub" (2007)

Album: "Let's Keep It That Way" (2007)

Album: "New Kind of Feeling" (2007)

Album: "Yes I Do" (2007)

Album: "I'll Always Love You" (2007)

Album: "Annie" (2007)

Album: "Keeping In Touch" (2007)

Album: "You Will" (2007)

Album: "Anne Murray Selected Hits" (2006)

Album: "Anne Murray Love Songs" (2006)

Album: "I'll Be Seeing You" (2005)

Album: "Country Croonin'" (2002)

Album: "What a Wonderful Christmas" (2001)

Album: "The Signature Series, Volume 7: I'll Always Love You / Somebody's Waiting" (2000)

Album: "The Signature Series, Volume 8: Where Do You Go When You Dream / The Hottest Night of the Year" (2000)

Album: "Great Memories" (2000)

Album: "What a Wonderful World (26 Inspirational Classics)" (1999)

Album: "What a Wonderful World" (1999)

Album: "The Signature Series, Volume 2: Straight, Clean & Simple / Talk It Over in the Morning" (1998)

Album: "An Intimate Evening With Anne Murray...Live" (1998)

Album: "This Way Is My Way" (1998)

Album: "Anne Murray" (1996)

Album: "My Christmas Favorites" (1995)

Album: "Best of the Season" (1994)

Album: "Anne Murray The Best Of...So Far - 20 Greatest Hits" (1994)

Album: "The Season Will Never Grow Old" (1993)

Album: "Croonin'" (1993)

Album: "From Springhill to the World" (1990)

Album: "Christmas" (1988)

Album: "As I Am" (1988)

Album: "Country Hits" (1987)

Album: "Harmony" (1987)

Album: "Something to Talk About" (1986)

Album: "Heart Over Mind" (1984)

Album: "A Little Good News" (1983)

Album: "The Hottest Night of the Year" (1982)

Album: "Christmas Wishes" (1981)

Album: "Were Do You Go When You Dream" (1981)

Album: "Somebody's Waiting" (1980)

Album: "Together" (1975)

Album: "Love Song" (1974)

Album: "Highly Prized Possession" (1974)

Album: "Danny's Song" (1973)

Album: "Talk It Over in the Morning" (1971)

Album: "Straight, Clean and Simple" (1971)

Album: "Honey, Wheat & Laughter" (1970)

Album: "What About Me" (1968)