Carpenters Somebody's Been Lyin' song lyrics

Carpenters Somebody's Been Lyin' song lyrics
Somebody's been lyin', somebody's been callin' me
Tellin' me he still loves me but not the way I thought it would be
He's makin' fun of me and laughin' at my dreams
And I know that he keeps sayin' not to worry
He's tellin' me to just hold on but he's not here to lean on
And words won't warm my bed now he's gone
It isn't easy letting go of what we had and I guess I'm just scared

And I still believe him though
I'd be wiser to go on my own way
Somebody's been lyin' and I know you're tellin' me
Only the things you want to I guess I lie as much as you do
It seems so funny letting go of yesterday
Guess we're much too afraid and we're much too alone
Were we just too much in love?