Hillsong UNITED Songs Lyrics

Album: "Wonder" (2017)

Album: "Of Dirt And Grace (Live From The Land)" (2016)

Album: "Empires" (2015)

Album: "Océanos" (2014)

Album: "King of Majesty" (2014)

Album: "Live In Miami" (2012)

Album: "Zion" (2012)

Album: "Aftermath" (2011)

Album: "a_CROSS//The_EARTH - Tear Down The Walls" (2009)

Album: "With Hearts As One" (2008)

Album: "In a Valley By the Sea (Next Gen EP)" (2007)

Album: "All Of The Above" (2007)

Album: "United We Stand" (2006)

Album: "Look To You" (2005)

Album: "More Than Life" (2004)

Album: "To The Ends Of The Earth" (2002)

Album: "King of Majesty (Live)" (2001)

Album: "Best Friend (Live)" (2000)

Album: "Best Friend" (2000)

Album: "Everyday" (1999)