Jill Johnson Songs Lyrics

Album: "Så mycket bättre 2016 - Magnus Carlsons dag" (2016)

Album: "For You I'll Wait" (2016)

Album: "Songs For Daddy" (2014)

Album: "Livemusiken från Jills Veranda Nashville" (2014)

Album: "Duetterna" (2013)

Album: "A Woman Can Change Her Mind" (2012)

Album: "Flirting With Disaster" (2011)

Album: "The Well-Known and Some Other Favourite Stories" (2010)

Album: "Music Row II" (2009)

Album: "The Woman I've Become" (2009)

Album: "Baby Blue Paper" (2008)

Album: "The Christmas In You" (2008)

Album: "Music Row" (2007)

Album: "Music Row (Bonus Version)" (2007)

Album: "Heartbreak Hotel" (2006)

Album: "The woman I´ve become" (2006)

Album: "God Bless A Girl In Love" (2005)

Album: "Being Who You Are" (2005)

Album: "Absolute Romance 2004" (2004)

Album: "Discography" (2003)

Album: "Roots & Wings" (2003)

Album: "Roots and Wings" (2003)

Album: "Good Girl" (2001)

Album: "Daughter of Eve" (2000)

Album: "The Christmas In You (New Edition)" (1970)