Johnny Cash Songs Lyrics

Album: "Out Among the Stars" (2014)

Album: "Singles, Plus" (2014)

Album: "Boom Chicka Boom" (2014)

Album: "Hymns By Johnny Cash / Hymns From the Heart" (2013)

Album: "Classic Johnny Cash, Vol. 3" (2013)

Album: "Rock 'N' Roll Classics Part 3 - 30 Classic Rock 'N' Roll Hits" (2013)

Album: "The Complete 1950's Singles Masters Johnny Cash" (2013)

Album: "Bootleg, Volume 4: The Soul of Truth" (2012)

Album: "Heroes of the Big Country: Johnny Cash" (2012)

Album: "Bootleg, Vol. IV - The Soul of Truth" (2012)

Album: "44 Essential Country, Folk And Rockabilly Hits By Johnny Cash" (2011)

Album: "I Walk the Line... The Best of Johnny Cash" (2011)

Album: "Bootleg, Vol. II: From Memphis to Hollywood" (2011)

Album: "Drink to Me" (2011)

Album: "The Real Johnny Cash" (2011)

Album: "Radioshows" (2011)

Album: "100 American Country Classics" (2010)

Album: "The Best Of Country Music" (2010)

Album: "Man In Black" (2010)

Album: "Legends - Johnny Cash" (2010)

Album: "Look At Them Beans" (2010)

Album: "Johnny Cash" (2010)

Album: "I Got Stripes" (2010)

Album: "The Legend Lives On" (2010)

Album: "Einfach das Beste" (2010)

Album: "American VI: Ain't No Grave" (2010)

Album: "The One and Only Johnny Cash" (2009)

Album: "Songs of Faith" (2009)

Album: "Greatest Hits Johnny Cash" (2009)

Album: "I Walk The Line" (2009)

Album: "Folsom Prision Blues" (2008)

Album: "The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show" (2008)

Album: "Greatest Hits of the Early Times" (2007)

Album: "Cash - Ultimate Gospel" (2007)

Album: "Cash: Ultimate Gospel" (2007)

Album: "Personal File" (2006)

Album: "Duets" (2006)

Album: "Collections" (2006)

Album: "Platinum Collection" (2005)

Album: "Walk the Line" (2005)

Album: "Walking the Line: The Legendary Sun Recordings" (2005)

Album: "The Legend" (2005)

Album: "The Legendary" (2005)

Album: "Lonesome in Black" (2004)

Album: "Golden Hits" (2003)

Album: "Unearthed" (2003)

Album: "Christmas With Johnny Cash" (2003)

Album: "Sun Records: The 50th Anniversary Collection" (2002)

Album: "The Man Comes Around" (2002)

Album: "My Mother's Hymn Book" (2002)

Album: "Hymns by Johnny Cash" (2002)

Album: "Ride This Train" (2002)

Album: "Selection" (2001)

Album: "The Very Best of the Sun Years" (2001)

Album: "Ragged Old Flag" (2001)

Album: "Love, God, Murder" (2000)

Album: "A Boy Named Sue and Other Story Songs" (1998)

Album: "Unchained" (1996)

Album: "The Very Best of Johnny Cash" (1996)

Album: "The Man in Black: 1963-'69 Plus" (1995)

Album: "American Recordings" (1994)

Album: "My Rifle, My Pony and Me: Movie and TV Soundtracks" (1994)

Album: "The Man In Black: His Greatest Hits" (1994)

Album: "The Essential Johnny Cash (1955-1983)" (1992)

Album: "Gospel Glory" (1992)

Album: "The Man in Black: 1959-'62" (1991)

Album: "A Country Christmas" (1991)

Album: "The Mystery of Life" (1991)

Album: "The Man in Black: 1954-1958" (1990)

Album: "Water From the Wells of Home" (1988)

Album: "Do You Hear What I Hear?" (1988)

Album: "The Best of Johnny Cash" (1988)

Album: "Live From Austin TX" (1987)

Album: "Johnny Cash Is Coming to Town" (1987)

Album: "Believe in Him" (1986)

Album: "Rockabilly Reunion (Live At Rotterdam)" (1981)

Album: "Classic Christmas" (1980)

Album: "Silver" (1979)

Album: "Gone Girl" (1978)

Album: "I Would Like to See You Again" (1978)

Album: "The Last Gunfighter Ballad" (1977)

Album: "One Piece At A Time" (1976)

Album: "Destination Victoria Station" (1975)

Album: "Johnny Cash Sings Precious Memories" (1975)

Album: "Five Feet High and Rising" (1974)

Album: "På Österåker" (1973)

Album: "America" (1972)

Album: "A Thing Called Love" (1972)

Album: "The Johnny Cash Show" (1970)

Album: "Hello I'm Johnny Cash" (1970)

Album: "The Holy Land" (1969)

Album: "More of 'Old Golden Throat'" (1969)

Album: "From Sea to Shining Sea" (1968)

Album: "Old Golden Throat" (1968)

Album: "Carryin' On With Johnny Cash & June Carter" (1967)

Album: "Everybody Loves a Nut" (1966)

Album: "Orange Blossom Special" (1965)

Album: "Sings the Ballads of the True West" (1965)

Album: "Original Sun Sound of Johnny Cash" (1964)

Album: "The Christmas Spirit" (1963)

Album: "Blood, Sweat and Tears" (1963)

Album: "Hymns From the Heart" (1962)

Album: "The Sound of Johnny Cash" (1962)

Album: "Sings Hank Williams" (1960)

Album: "Now, There Was a Song!" (1960)

Album: "Sings Hank Williams and Other Favorite Tunes (Definitive Expanded Remastered Edition)" (1960)

Album: "Now Here's Johnny Cash" (1960)

Album: "Greatest!" (1959)

Album: "Songs of Our Soil" (1959)

Album: "The Fabulous Johnny Cash" (1958)

Album: "Sings the Songs That Made Him Famous" (1958)

Album: "All Aboard the Blue Train" (1958)

Album: "Vintage Rock Nº7 - EPs Collectors" (1957)

Album: "Country Boy" (1957)

Album: "With His Hot and Blue Guitar!" (1957)