Keane Songs Lyrics

Album: "The Best of Keane" (2013)

Album: "The Best of Keane (Deluxe)" (2013)

Album: "Strangeland" (2012)

Album: "Night Train" (2010)

Album: "Perfect Symmetry (Exclusive With Commentary By The Band)" (2008)

Album: "Perfect Symmetry" (2008)

Album: "The Night Sky" (2007)

Album: "Little Broken Words" (2007)

Album: "A Bad Dream" (2007)

Album: "Nothing in My Way" (2006)

Album: "Under the Iron Sea" (2006)

Album: "Bend and Break" (2005)

Album: "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" (2004)

Album: "Hopes and Fears (Deluxe Edition)" (2004)

Album: "Hopes And Fears" (2004)

Album: "Bedshaped" (2004)

Album: "This Is the Last Time" (2003)