Kenny Loggins Songs Lyrics

Album: "All Join In" (2009)

Album: "How About Now" (2007)

Album: "Smooth Jazz Cafe 7" (2005)

Album: "More Songs from Pooh Corner" (2000)

Album: "selections from December" (1998)

Album: "December" (1998)

Album: "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - The Greatest Hits Of Kenny Loggins" (1997)

Album: "The Unimaginable Life" (1997)

Album: "Hand in Hand (Songs of Parenthood)" (1995)

Album: "Return to Pooh Corner" (1994)

Album: "Love Songs of Kenny Loggins" (1993)

Album: "Put on Your Green Shoes" (1993)

Album: "KBCO Studio C, Volume 2" (1992)

Album: "Leap of Faith" (1991)

Album: "Back to Avalon" (1988)

Album: "Kenny Loggins Alive" (1988)

Album: "Danger Zone" (1986)

Album: "Vox Humana" (1985)

Album: "High Adventure" (1983)

Album: "Keep the Fire" (1979)

Album: "Nightwatch" (1978)

Album: "Celebrate Me Home" (1977)