Ray Charles Songs Lyrics

Album: "What the R&B Say Vol.20" (2015)

Album: "Ray Charles Forever" (2013)

Album: "100 Essential Hits - The Very Best Of" (2013)

Album: "Simply Swinging the American Songbook - Ray and Johnny" (2013)

Album: "Georgia..." (2012)

Album: "Just You Just Me" (2012)

Album: "Ray's Blues" (2012)

Album: "I Can't Stop Loving You" (2012)

Album: "The Audio Pearls Collection: What'd I Say? (Remastered)" (2012)

Album: "13 Hits" (2012)

Album: "The Legends - Ray Charles" (2012)

Album: "A Genius At His Best, Vol.10" (2011)

Album: "Carlifornia, I Come" (2011)

Album: "A Genius At His Best, Vol.8" (2011)

Album: "Blues Is My Middle Name - Essential Ray Charles" (2011)

Album: "I Believe to My Soul (50 Songs - Remastered)" (2011)

Album: "A Genius At His Best, Vol.7" (2011)

Album: "The Great Ray Charles" (2011)

Album: "A Genius At His Best, Vol.1" (2011)

Album: "A Genius At His Best, Vol. 5" (2011)

Album: "Rare Genius: The Undiscovered Masters" (2010)

Album: "Ray Charles : I Got a Woman et ses plus belles chansons" (2010)

Album: "…Featuring Norah Jones" (2010)

Album: "The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show 1969-1971" (2008)

Album: "Pure Genius" (2007)

Album: "Here's Ray Charles" (2006)

Album: "Mess Around" (2005)

Album: "Sinner's Prayers 1951-54" (2005)

Album: "The Genius Sings the Blues" (2005)

Album: "Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (1952-1959)" (2005)

Album: "Georgia on My Mind" (2003)

Album: "The Definitive Ray Charles" (2001)

Album: "Best of Ray Charles" (2000)

Album: "25 Blues Masters, Volume 3" (2000)

Album: "I've Had My Fun" (1999)

Album: "Love Songs" (1999)

Album: "Jazz at the Philharmonic: Berlin, 1962" (1996)

Album: "Best of the Blues" (1996)

Album: "Gold" (1995)

Album: "The Hits of Ray Charles" (1994)

Album: "Blues" (1994)

Album: "Hit the Road Jack" (1993)

Album: "My World" (1993)

Album: "The Very Best Of" (1993)

Album: "The World of Ray Charles" (1993)

Album: "Ingredients in a Recipe for Soul" (1992)

Album: "His Greatest Hits (Uh-Huh)" (1992)

Album: "The Genius" (1992)

Album: "The Birth of Soul: The Complete Atlantic Rhythm & Blues Recordings 1952-1959" (1991)

Album: "The Birth of Soul" (1991)

Album: "Blues Is My Middle Name" (1989)

Album: "Soul Brothers/Soul Meeting" (1989)

Album: "Anthology" (1988)

Album: "C.C. Rider" (1984)

Album: "Come Live With Me" (1974)

Album: "A Message From the People" (1972)

Album: "I'm All Yours Baby!" (1969)

Album: "Greatest Hits" (1962)

Album: "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music, Volume 2" (1962)

Album: "The Original Ray Charles (Mono Version)" (1962)

Album: "Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music" (1962)

Album: "Ray Charles chante et joue le blues (Mono version)" (1962)

Album: "Dansez le twist avec Ray Charles! (Mono Version)" (1961)

Album: "Genius + Soul = Jazz" (1961)

Album: "Hit the Road Jack / The Danger Zone" (1961)

Album: "Dedicated to You" (1961)

Album: "Ray Charles and Betty Carter" (1961)

Album: "The Genius Hits the Road" (1960)

Album: "What'd I Say" (1959)

Album: "The Genius Of Ray Charles" (1959)

Album: "Ray Charles at Newport" (1958)

Album: "Yes Indeed!!" (1958)

Album: "Ray Charles" (1957)

Album: "Black Coffee" (1946)