Teddy Pendergrass This Gift of Life song lyrics

Teddy Pendergrass This Gift of Life song lyrics
This gift of life,
Ooh I treasure it above everything,
This gift of life
I'm so thankful, Lord knows I'm thankful to be livin
It's the only thing you can't buy for money
It's such a pleasure to be born

This gift of life
Ooh, I really love, I really love, I really love I love this feelin
This gift of life
Every day it's keeps on revealin it keeps on revealin
All the wonderful, the marvelous the glorious things of
I'm thankful that I'm alive with this gift of life
I'm truely blessed, yes I am

With this gift of life
It's so wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, it's so wonderful
And I wanna thank you for giving me the privilege just to live
So I that I can give all that I can
I'm so thankful to be able to make this long long journey
Ooh, Lord, I appreciate all the little things that you do
Cause I like, I like the sunshine
And I like the cloudy days
I like the rain
I like snow
And I like to hear, I just like to hear the wind blow
I like everything on this earth
This gift of life