The Supremes Songs Lyrics

Album: "I Hear a Symphony" (2015)

Album: "The Early Years 1960-1962" (2013)

Album: "The Supreme Songs" (2013)

Album: "More Christmas 2012" (2012)

Album: "Meet the Supremes (Original Album) [Remastered]" (2012)

Album: "With Love (From Us to You)" (2012)

Album: "Let Yourself Go: The '70s Albums, Vol. 2 (1974-1977) The Final Sessions" (2011)

Album: "Let Yourself Go: The '70s Albums, Volume 2: 1974-1977, the Final Sessions (disc 1: The Supremes / The Supremes Sessions)" (2011)

Album: "More Hits by the Supremes" (2011)

Album: "The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 1: 1959-1961" (2009)

Album: "Generation Woodstock: Songs From the 60's & 70's" (2009)

Album: "Stop the Love" (2009)

Album: "Magnificent: The Complete Studio Duets" (2009)

Album: "The Story of the Supremes" (2008)

Album: "Motown 50" (2008)

Album: "Soul Masters: Love Child" (2007)

Album: "The Complete Motown Singles, Volume 7: 1967" (2007)

Album: "Touch" (2006)

Album: "The Jean Terrell Years (1970-1973)" (2006)

Album: "Floy Joy" (2006)

Album: "This Is the Story: The '70s Albums, Volume 1: 1970-1973, the Jean Terrell Years" (2006)

Album: "One Kiss Can Lead to Another: Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found" (2005)

Album: "Gold" (2005)

Album: "Strange Funky Games and Things" (2005)

Album: "The Trip Created By St. Etienne" (2004)

Album: "Right On" (2004)

Album: "There's a Place for Us" (2004)

Album: "20th Century Masters: The Christmas Collection: The Best of The Supremes" (2003)

Album: "Tunesmith: The Songs of Jimmy Webb" (2003)

Album: "Sing Rodgers & Hart" (2002)

Album: "The Supremes: The '70s Anthology" (2002)

Album: "The 70's Anthology" (2002)

Album: "The Supreme" (2001)

Album: "Love Child / The Supremes A' Go-Go" (2000)

Album: "20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Diana Ross & The Supremes, Volume 2" (2000)

Album: "Where Did Our Love Go / I Hear a Symphony" (2000)

Album: "More Hits by The Supremes / The Supremes Sing Holland-Dozier-Holland" (2000)

Album: "The Supremes (2000 Box Set)" (2000)

Album: "The Supremes" (2000)

Album: "40 Golden Motown Greats" (1999)

Album: "Early Classics: Diana Ross & The Supremes" (1996)

Album: "Motown Legends: My World Is Empty Without You" (1995)

Album: "Motown Meets the Beatles" (1995)

Album: "Baby Love" (1993)

Album: "Stop! In the Name of Love" (1993)

Album: "Best Of" (1991)

Album: "The Never-Before-Released Masters" (1987)

Album: "Anthology" (1986)

Album: "25th Anniversary" (1986)

Album: "Mary, Scherrie & Susaye" (1976)

Album: "High Energy" (1976)

Album: "In Japan (Live)" (1973)

Album: "Produced & Arranged by Jimmy Webb" (1972)

Album: "The Return of the Magnificent Seven" (1971)

Album: "New Ways But Love Stays" (1970)

Album: "The Magnificent 7" (1970)

Album: "The Supremes Sing Holland, Dozier, Holland" (1967)

Album: "Sing Rodgers & Hart: The Complete Recordings" (1967)

Album: "I Hear A Symphony: Expanded Edition" (1966)

Album: "Supremes a Go Go" (1966)

Album: "At the Copa" (1965)

Album: "Merry Christmas" (1965)

Album: "We Remember Sam Cooke" (1965)

Album: "Sing Country Western & Pop" (1965)

Album: "Where Did Our Love Go: 40th Anniversary Edition" (1964)

Album: "A Bit of Liverpool" (1964)

Album: "Where Did Our Love Go" (1964)

Album: "Meet the Supremes" (1962)