T.I. Songs Lyrics

Album: "Us Or Else" (2016)

Album: "Us Or Else: Letter To The System" (2016)

Album: "Da' Nic" (2015)

Album: "Paperwork: Trap Music" (2014)

Album: "Paperwork (Deluxe Clean)" (2014)

Album: "Forgive Me" (2014)

Album: "Hustle King" (2014)

Album: "Paperwork (Deluxe Version)" (2014)

Album: "Paperwork" (2014)

Album: "A Year And A Day" (2013)

Album: "F*ck a Mixtape" (2013)

Album: "Can't Kill the King" (2013)

Album: "A Changed Man" (2013)

Album: "F*ck Da City Up" (2013)

Album: "Hustle Gang" (2013)

Album: "Camaro Music" (2013)

Album: "Trap Music 2.0 (DJ Rell)" (2012)

Album: "Meek Mill Classic, Vol. 1" (2012)

Album: "Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head" (2012)

Album: "Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head (Deluxe Version)" (2012)

Album: "11 Months and One Day" (2012)

Album: "Official White Label" (2011)

Album: "Ministry of Sound Maximum Bass Platinum" (2011)

Album: "Fuck a Mixtape" (2010)

Album: "No Mercy (Deluxe)" (2010)

Album: "We Run This, Vol. 5 (Mixed By Mr. E of RPM Fam)" (2010)

Album: "No Mercy" (2010)

Album: "Dead and Gone" (2009)

Album: "Paper Trail" (2008)

Album: "Trap Muzik" (2003)

Album: "Urban Legend" (2003)

Album: "I'm Serious" (2001)

Album: "Best of Jazz 2000's Vol. 9 (DJ Mix)" (1970)