Graham Nash Skychild song lyrics

Graham Nash Skychild song lyrics
Skychild (3: 53)
words & music Graham Nash

Skychild, on the day that we
met, you were eating in a
restaurant in a black velvet
suit. David told me I'd be
in trouble if I dared to take a
look. I took a look at you,
Skychild. Skychild, remember
from the start, you were
always on my mind. We were
never far apart. But you really
made me nervous. You were
aiming at my heart. Right
on target, Skychild, Skychild.
Skychild, if you're ever back in town,
don't forget to look me up.
I'll be somewhere around,
picking up pieces and putting
them down. Where did you
go, Skychild? Skychild.