Graham Nash There's Only One song lyrics

Graham Nash There's Only One song lyrics
We can heed the call
We can trip and fall
We can read the scrawl
On the garden wall
Let the ashes fall
Upon us all
Or not at all
It's in us all

Can we say it's cool
From a heated pool
When we give a jewel
To a starving fool
And if we can't be cruel
Then let us take the tool
And change the rule, change the rule

When we've all begun
To see the world we're on
Don't you see there's only one
Then we all begin
To see the skin we're in
It's just the same
There's only one
There's only one

Do we have the grace
To begin the race
In another place
Face to face
Do we stand the pace
Or do we let the case
Go to waste, go to waste, go to waste

Do you like the taste