Gucci Mane feat. Takeoff Yay song lyrics

Gucci Mane feat. Takeoff Yay song lyrics
You'll never have another thang, gotta show me weight
Bet a 100k shooting at celo hope he ace away
Anytime time I'm in the club I order 10 bottles of Ace of Spade
Nigga you a roach and this choppa ya girl bought is the raid
Migos hold my diamonds, say he need em by the diamond
Any of these pussy niggas sweet, serve em yay
And I'm shopping to the top, I'm not gon stop unless I'm robbed
Like my version they some rastas Yay-yay

You a sweet nigga, sweet lit, turn up, shop, this finess
Got yayo, coco, get my ear fills from Pedro, sippin' on lean got a nigga in slow mo
On the block running from the po-po
In the trap wit the Meta World Peace elbows
You would Think I'm Carlos in the trap way I got em for the L-O! (L-O)
These chickens bought me a Bentley
The diesel it bought me a dulley
Your main bitch is in my jacuzzi
Me and Thug in the bando boolin'
Shoutout my CEO Gucci
Busta on ya hip u know that's the ruley
Everyday we makin movies
One y'all get hit wit this Uzi

I just pulled me a tender, I got that bitch in the blender
She told me where you hide ya stash so I'm dressed like a ninja
If he don't take me to that stash then I might just cut off his finger
See I was raised up by OGs who cook cocaine with a hanger
Burglar bars around my spot cause I can't lose not a single
Ironing money in my house cause I don't like my shit wrinkled
Sell nothing less than a Nina
Motherfuck a subpoena
If you my nigga then we'll never let money get between us
And when we enter arena strapped up like Gilbert Arenas
I got a monster demeanor laughing like I'm a hyaena
And I'm the voice of the people but I got 2 desert eagles
I'll leave 10 shot in your beemer and leave your ass for the reaper

Thug got a sack yay-yay
100 bitches rushin' to my car like a parade
I smell like that real fish scale straight off of bait
I don't need no stylist fresher than all my classmates
Plus I love my J-O-B I'm paid it's Friday
Tryna get in touch wit me u gon have to do it 5 ways, hey
Plus I love all of my bitches, fallin in love wit a midget
Got the young thug playin' lottery and her pussy don't end in tickets