The Carbonfools Cash song lyrics

The Carbonfools Cash song lyrics
Nothing is for sure but I hope
Friends will be friends for long
Friend we're done I've got to run
I've got to run
You remember? When it was only us
But sometimes us you can't trust
Sometimes you dumb
Sometimes you dominic
Sometimes you graceful
Sometimes you can't hit it
But sometimes u can
That's why my only friend is...

I can't tell you when it was... it was like million years away
When we used to spread love together
When we thought we're gonna live forever
But when we write music
We think about cash
It's nothing else it's no opposit... sit... sit
We've got ones tens thousands and millions
Thay make us happy thay make us civaliens
Never gets older never gets colder
That's why my only friend's called(a)

I hope these rhymes never gonna kill the beat
Never gonna kill the beat