The Fling Melancholia song lyrics

The Fling Melancholia song lyrics
If life is a circus then I'm the creep Show There's an eye that stares back into your peep hole
Normally when you sleep the slaughter house is where the sheep go
You Hear the MOANS And crys Of The ppl
After the machines tears away all thier dreams
Let freedom ring as default wake up from your slumber that's pre bought
The pressures of this social network can make anybody freak out
Don't antagonize the villagers
They don't look kindly to strangers hope u brought a knife with you
Land of a thousand statues
And rituals
Every one holding hands looking far off into the distance when the sun vanishes
There's fire and anerchist
Woman and children distraught
The Elderly broken down into parts mubblings something barely audible holding on to dear god and a tin cup
Shaking muts exposing broken teeth depression fuck the system malnutrition moral
In remission
The prayer rugs they kissed them
there's gotta be more to life then this clay pottery astrology
that thing in the sky Moves Methodically
Watching us

The sun took a day off and the moon stood twice
Everything beautiful dies
They can have this world
But can't take our soul
Eventually the planets collide
a sprawling city
Now Desolate and ruined
The perfect balad to cry

There's no baby in that stroller just some bio degradable bottles perhaps a spoiled cadaver of a night crawler or two goes for a few dollars on the black market
A sip of dirty water
Traveling bartenders offers only sludge goes down smooth but has a bite
Another satisfied customer delight
death to the left and brooms to the right sweeping sounds hear the brushes in the night
Crashing the symbols tremble laughing
Cough then hak up bloody philm
I remember way back then when lions were lions
Only hear the wizard and dorathy are one of the same
Insane world of cripples and lames
Come on the patio when u get a chance
Witness for yourselves in advance dance with the wolves let your feet dig into the hot coals smoldering ashes from bones
Don't be shy cash for your tears hear
Trash is excepted
Would u like to eat some hot garbage

The sun took a day off and the moon stood twice
Everything thats beautiful dies ×4