The Living End Ride the Wave Boy song lyrics

The Living End Ride the Wave Boy song lyrics
Standing on the beach watching the waves crash on the sand
He doesn't care about tomorrow, he's got a better plan

He's got a man uptown who supplies him with a cheap escape
He's a man on a mission, he ain't ever gonna listen
Got a ticket on a one way train
But he's heading the wrong way


Hand on the trigger
His whole world marches by
The waves are getting bigger
And he's out on a mission to chase the next ride

Getting ready for one last trip
And then he's gonna give it away
But the cards of life don't fall the same way twice
And before you can leave the game
The dealer must get paid


Well I was too busy to stop and see
The desperation in your eyes
You're lost inside a never-ending dream
Chasing the next ride

He crawls down to the edge of the water,
He's drifting away
They never found him, they thought he had drowned
But it didn't matter anyway
He'd be on the next wave