Timbaland Talk That song lyrics

Feat T-Pain, Billy Blue
Timbaland Talk That song lyrics
Happy ass Weezy, never in a bad mood
3boy I talk sh-t like I swallowed a bathroom
Girl give me vacuum, do it til her lips drool
The ice in your fridge never met a n-gga this cool
Young money I'm richer than I used to be
I plant my seed in her garden now she root for me
Baby I'mma tell you truthfully
I talk it and I do believe I walk it, call me orthopedic
Carter and I ought to be an author
Damn, man and I tell ya, it'd be a best seller
Tim on the beat and me Miss-y-elli-OT goes wherever
Ya dig,
Ha, you can ask the bank teller
Bot my money old like Nelson Mandela
Ha, higher than a propellor
And baby I can show you better than acapella

Let me know what you think of this lost from Weezy?